Things to know if you need Roofers to Fix your Roof

You need roofers to fix your roof. But where do you start and what do you need to know? Well the best place to start is the internet or your local phone-book. You can simply do a search on the internet and look up roofers in the phone book near your location.

Take down as many names of companies as you think will give you the best estimates. Then call them to make an appointment for them to come and give you an estimate. You need the estimates to know which roofing company will do the best job on your roof. If you use the internet to choose the company; read the reviews customers have left. The reviews will let you know if the company did an excellent job for that reviewer.

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Be sure that you or someone is there to meet the contractor. This way you can show him the part of the roof that is leaking or in need of repair. You and the contractor can also go over your wishes and your choices of the materials you want used during the repairs.

Be sure that you tell the roofer you want only plywood, and quality shingles on the roof. Some use particle board. Particle board is made with chips, wood shavings and glue. Therefore, when the particle board gets wet it crumbles. Therefore, when you speak to the roofer you will pick out the materials you want used on your roof.

Once the companies have given you their estimates you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. You do not necessarily want to choose the lowest bid. You should go with a middle bid or the one that is just best for you. The company with the middle bid is less likely to use the cheapest materials on your roof.

You will pick the kind of boards you want the contractor to use as well as the shingle. The shingles are the most important part of the roof repairs. Shingles come on different colors, and in different thicknesses. So, call the roofing company that you want to use and give them the ok to begin working on the roof.

The contractor will send out a crew to begin the tear off of the old roof or just the portion that needs roof repair. Sometimes, it is only one or two places in the roof that is in need of roof repair. Shingles can become loose with wind and rain in one area of the roof causing that part to leak. This is a simple repair.

However. it is best if you are going to do a good portion of the roof you should consider replacing the entire roof. Replacing the entire roof will ensure that you do not have a problem in a few months with another area leaking.

When the tear off crew is finished clearing off the old shingles the roofing contractor will inspect the roof boards. This is the plywood part of the roof that the shingles will nail onto. If the plywood needs to be replaced the roofing contractor will put new boards in place of the old ones.

The next step is the felt covering, this is a heavy-duty roll of felt paper covered in tar. The paper ad hears to the plywood and the shingles are nailed on top of the paper to prevent leaking. The felt paper is rolled out on the roof in layers. Each layer overlaps the previous layer to allow any water or moisture that may seep under the shingles to run down the roof.

If the water or moisture were to pool under the felt paper the roof would deteriorate. The shingles are very important they must be thick enough that the weather will not impede them and make them deteriorate.

If the shingles are not nailed down properly, they will work lose in the wind and rain and the roof would again begin to leak. The shingles are the last step of the roofing process. The shingles are nailed down in rows. Each layer overlaps the lower row. The shingles are nailed on top of the last layer half way down the shingle. This method makes a good strong seal on the roof. The shingles are applied to the roof beginning at the bottom edge. When all of the shingles are in place the ridge row is the last part done? That is the very top ridged of the roof. It is also called the top most part of the house.