“Where You Lead, I Will Follow” Gilmore Girls Re-Boot Announced

Stars Hollow’s fast-talking, pop-culture referencing, caffeine enthusiast, mother-daughter duo the Gilmore Girls are back for a four-part mini-series, officially confirmed by Netflix yesterday.

After the first news leaked back in October, and much to the happiness of adoring fans, it is now confirmed that Lorelai and Rory will be back for Gilmore Girls: Seasons, including four 90 minute episodes representing spring, summer, fall and winter.

The revival does not begin where the series emotionally ended in 2007, with Rory graduating and off to cover the Obama campaign, and Lorelai and Luke’s relationship rekindled. Rather Seasons is set in ‘real-time:’ eight years later.


As someone who grew up with Gilmore Girls, and still watches re-runs regularly, so many questions are posed as to how much has happened to Stars Hollow’s finest eight years on.

Luckily, original series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino will write and direct with executive producer Daniel Palladino on board too.

Lauren Graham will revitalise her role as Lorelai Gilmore, Alexis Bledel as Rory, Scott Patterson as Luke, and Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore. Rory’s best friend Lane, played by Keiko Agena, and the eccentric Kirk played by Sean Gunn are back too.

Currently Melissa McCarthy, who before Bridesmaids’ fame was known for her role as the adorable chef Sooki St. James, has not yet signed on. Whilst, the late Edward Hermmann’s role as the stoic and gentlemanly Richard Gilmore will be greatly missed.

What about the minor townsfolk that made such a major impact on the picturesque Connecticut town? The flirtatious Miss Patty, the sometimes unpleasant but often sassy concierge Michel Gerard, the pedantic Taylor Doose, or Rory’s rival come great friend, Paris Gellar. The list goes on, and surely the whole gang must be back together?!?

For those who watched the determined, polite and beautiful Rory grow up, or grew up alongside her, from Chilton to Yale a lot is riding on this re-boot. Those of us who have vested opinions on who was her best love interest: the wholesome Dean, the brooding Jess or the yuppie Logan. (I sit on the fence between Team Jess and Team Dean. Ugh, Logan was a douche!)

For those of us who watched razor-sharp and vivacious Lorelai re-develop her relationship with her wealthy mother and father, who cheered as she went from manager of the Independence Inn to developer of the Dragonfly. And hoped episode after episode that diner-owner Luke and Lorelai would finally get together, Seasons has big boots to fill.

Maybe it won’t live up to the expectations of its cult followers. But surely, it’ll be a fun trip down memory lane and a peek into these much loved character’s future nonetheless.

Cue the music… “If you’re out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold…”