The Week In World News | 27.02

Trump Rescinds Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Guidelines for Schools

This week the Trump administration have moved to revoke guidelines which were set by Barack Obama’s government to defend the rights of Transgender students. The guidance saw public schools losing federal funding if they forced Transgender students to use bathrooms that do not align with their gender identity.

The American Federation of Teachers President, Randy Weingarten says the decision will “compromise the safety and security of some of our most vulnerable children.”

(Andrew Harnik / AP)

Suicide Bomber Kills Eight Yemeni Soldiers

A bomber in military uniform struck the Najda Camp in the Abyan provincial capital last Friday, killing at least eight soldiers. The assailant was suspected to be an al-Qaeda member, according to local officials.

Yemen has been involved in a civil war since early 2015, between the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and Houthi rebels. At least 10,000 people have died in the conflict, which has sent the Arabian Peninsula country further into a humanitarian and hunger crisis.

At least 10,000 people have died in the Yemen conflict [EPA]

Aboriginal Candidates for Major Parties Campaigning for Kimberley Seat

In a first for WA, the far north seat of Kimberley has an Aboriginal candidate running for both major parties. Labor’s Josie Ferrer is hoping to be re-elected for a second term, extending the party’s 15-year grip on the region, while Warren Greatorex is the Liberal’s first ever Indigenous candidate for the seat.

Almost half of the vast electorate, which spans an area nearly double the size of Victoria, is Indigenous, and both parties hope the campaign will encourage more Aboriginals to enter politics.

Patricia Riley, acting chief executive of remote community Pandanus Park, welcomes both candidates, saying that Indigenous politicians understand their societal challenges better than non-Indigenous representatives.

(ABC Kimberley: Ben Collins)

Hundreds of Children Locked Up in Canada’s Immigration Detention

On average, 48 children per year have been held as “guests” with their parents at the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre between 2011 and 2015, according to the University of Toronto’s International Human Rights Program. Across the country, hundreds of non-Canadian children are also held in detention facilities, which is said to put them at risk psychological damage and the violation of significant human rights.

The report called the circumstances “a blemish on Canada’s reputation as a human rights defender”.

(Mark Blinch/Reuters)

Bodies of 74 Migrants Wash Up on Libyan Beach

The bodies of migrants who drowned in the Mediterranean while trying to reach Europe have washed up west of the Libyan capital, SBS reports. The International Organisation for Migration believes the incident killed 100, which would bring the total number of migrants killed while crossing the Mediterranean this year to over 365.

As they don’t have a suitable vehicle to transport the bodies, nor a cemetery for unidentified bodies, the Red Crescent says that many bodies are still on the beach or in the water.

(Mohannad Karima/IFRC via AP)



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