All Things sleepmakeswaves | New Single Release & Tour

Post-rock is a hard-to-define genre that has existed on the fringe (with a few moments in the spotlight) of the music industry for the last 3 decades. North American bands such as Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor have championed the scene, earning commercial success and dedicated fan-bases along the way.

Australia-wise, there a couple of bands in the post-rock world who have been waving the flag for years, making a name for themselves both nationally and overseas. One of those bands is sleepmakeswaves, whose third album Made of Breath Only was released on March 24 by Bird’s Robe Records.

Track 8 of the record is Midnight Sun. The song shows that the band is experimenting with new techniques in song-writing and sounds, whilst retaining the urgency and mood that they are best known for. The guitars seem very much under the influence, soaked in rich textures and layered with delay and effects. Post-rock is generally reserved for the dreamy, melancholic and reflective type; this perhaps would explain why I imagine swimming in a deep blue ocean, flanked by dolphins as I listen to this song. As the track moves past the verse, distortion takes control and the cymbals open-up, sending us deep underground into the alternative universe sleepmakeswaves could be the soundtrack for. Give the track a listen here

Recorded with renowned producer Nick DiDia (Pearl Jam, Powderfinger, Rage Against the Machine) in Byron Bay, Perth fans will have the chance to hear the tracks live when they play at Badlands Bar on April 7. Perth band Closet Space will open the night when sleepmakeswaves and special guests, Australian progressive rock heavyweights Caligula’s Horse, hit the town to debut their new album live for the first time.