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Instagram has many uses, but we all know what they are so I shan’t be going into it here. One thing the social media outlet has been good for, however, is the growing number of accounts advocating for a sustainable lifestyle. From fashion to food, Instagram has the goods, which are both entertaining and easy on the eyes. The best thing about these accounts – and how they seem to crop up every week by the 10s and the 100s – is that they are incredibly informative. It’s perhaps the most simple way to educate oneself of different ways to inch the world that tiny bit closer to a sustainable future. 

So, without further ado, here is a list of five humanitarian and environmentally focussed Instagram accounts that are helping us find good quality fashion labels that are kind to the earth. Happy Insta-ing kids!

THE ETHEREAL EDIT. An informative and inspiring insta account looking to branch out into online store-dom. 

WELL MADE CLOTHES. Equally as information filled, albeit in a slightly different way. This account acts as an informal advertising ground for Well Made Clothes online store, where they house a number of different sustainably concious brands. You can even search for clothes by ‘value’! 

THE GREEN HUB. Calling themselves ‘a data-baseof ethical fashion & natural beauty brands from around the world,’ this is a great place to start your educational ethical adventure.

REFORMATION. A killer fashion brand that doesn’t kill the earth, to paraphrase their Instagram biography. 


MOCHNI.COM. An online woman’s magazine talking “Sustainable fashion, clean beauty, nutrition & eco places.” Again, a great location to find inspiration on how to lead a more ecologically friendly lifestyle and where to find sustainable clothing brands stocking beautiful threads of quality. 






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