Strangers Again – Interview with Artist Lora


“When I finished all the pieces and I was looking at them, I realized that my relationship with a lot of them had completely changed…”

Lora’s tale is that classic one of girl-gets-caught-up-in-life, forgets her passion, and after an extensive hiatus working – because she thought it was what she wanted to do – her passion came rolling back into to her life. It was at this point that she found out her life and her passion were intrinsically coiled together.

Upon graduating university, Lora began working in a seed laboratory, although she very soon found out this job was not for her. “It was the most boring job I have ever had, just plating up seeds and it was really monotonous work,” she admits calmly. But, as often occurs in life, this brief stint was not all for nought. In fact, it helped Lora find her way back to a great passion of hers.13882124_583765248450918_8694552968914458278_n

“I’m quite a believer in boredom leading to creativity,” she tells me honestly. “You can have your best ideas when you’re bored because you’re searching for something to kind of entertain yourself with.” And it was while she worked here that she began cooking in her mind ideas of acrylics, backdrops and people in paint. “It was when I was working in that lab that I started thinking about what I could do with my paints and my creativity again,” she reminisces. “It’s kind of how I got back into it.”

“I paint on people and backgrounds so that the photograph looks like a painting when I print it,” she explains. “I don’t really plan out my paintings too much, I generally go with a colour that I think goes with a person and go from there.”13920751_583765195117590_3977499319298006831_n

Lora first solo exhibition will begin on Monday 22nd of August at The Bird in Northbridge, and will remain in the bar for a duration of three weeks.

“I especially like that it’s in a place where people come to socialize and meet up and not necessarily go to for the art, but they might look up and notice that the art is there.” A wonderful sentiment, and a wise one. “If I do have another exhibition at a gallery, I’d like to work on the feeling of the space,” adds Lora. “Like have rugs and chairs and kind of challenge the way that galleries are usually set up.”

The story behind the exhibition goes thusly: relationships change. People grow apart and leave and others become larger, brighter fixtures in our lives. “I came up with the idea, Strangers Again, because there are ex-boyfriends in there, an ex-friend, and some people were strangers from the start, so that’s where the idea came from.”

13920190_583766478450795_3831153065272841647_o“A lot of human relationships do change quite a lot, and I think it’s only when you look back that you realize how much they do change.”

So what’s next for Lora and her art?

“I’d like to create some videos of painted people,” she tells me. “And I would also like to try something completely different, try portraiture so actually painting on a canvas. Because I think it’s important to keep challenging yourself and evolving your style.”



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