Something Hyperkinetic, Something Industrial | Something Fiction’s ‘Watchers’ Single Review

When I heard this song for the first time, I thought of the movie Fight Club. I wasn’t just reminded of the anarchic pounding beats of the Dust Brothers upon the soundtrack, though. It was in the way the movie tricks its way into the depths of your mind, worming its way in like a Party Parasite, kicking your body into ninth gear while it takes your subconscious firmly in its insidious grip and wrings you for all you’re worth.

That’s what it’s like to hear the new track by experimental electronic band Something Fiction. Hailing from San Antonio, Texas, the group’s predilection for exploring the realms of psychedelia and mysticism through intense, ambient soundscapes have made them a highly individual prospect, if not unique. As I said above, watching Fight Club gives you a pretty good idea of where their heads are at. The Prodigy also comes to mind – their hyperkinetic, adrenaline-to-the-jugular influence is etched into every ebb and flow of this track.

Deceptively pleasant vocals entice one over a grinding guitar and sphincter-loosening synth-drum throbs in a sort of unholy maelstrom. I can imagine hearing this beast in Dante Alighieri’s own version of Berghain, an explosive industrial nightmare that you somehow love more than all the dreams you’ve ever had. If all their experiments go the way this one has, then I’m prepared to donate my body, mind, and soul to their science. What a fucking beast.



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