Sigur Rós Educate Margaret Court on the Meaning of the Word “Love”

Former tennis player Margaret Court’s astoundingly homophobic comments have sparked a fire with Icelandic legends Sigur Rós.

Margaret Court, a 74-year-old Christian pastor and former tennis player, has recently stated that homosexuality will lead young people to “destroy their lives” and the “gay lobby” is only to promote the devil’s work. She claimed that US studies showed that homosexuality was caused by sexual molestation and emotional abuse and that Australian polls showing a majority in favour of same-sex marriage was faked by the government because “they’re after our young ones.”

“That’s what Hitler did and that’s what communism did, got the minds of the children,” Court stated, “And it’s a whole plot in our nation and in the nations of the world to get the minds of the children.”

The acclaimed Icelandic musicians have since transformed their highly anticipated return to Australia into a fundraiser for Australian Marriage Equality. In a public statement, Sigur Rós have commented, “Iceland is a country where same sex partnerships have been recognised since 1996, and where same sex couples have enjoyed the same adoption rights as straight couples since 2006.”

“We know Margaret Court’s opinions are not shared by the majority of Australians. We want to add our voice to the call for marriage equality in Australia — right here on Margaret Court Arena itself. Australia should be a country that celebrates positivity and inclusion, as well as achievement on the sporting field.”

Sigur Rós have designed a shirt celebrating positivity and inclusion specifically for their Australian shows with all proceeds going towards Australian Marriage Equality. Commissioned by London-based illustrator Andrew Rae, the shirt features two naked men and women, the Icelandic and Australian flags, a rainbow, and a banner reading ‘Sameinuð stöndum vér’ (“We are united”).

“What an amazing commission, combining awareness about marriage equality with the amazing Sigur Rós in a hand drawn crest to raise money to support Australian Marriage Equality,” Rae remarked. “That anyone still has to raise awareness about marriage equality in this day and age seems bizarre to me. As long as some people still think they have the right to decide who other people fall in love with then there’s still work to be done.”

Sigur Rós, of course, are not alone. The world is speaking out against Court with Google Maps temporarily renaming the arena after a much better tennis legend, Evonne Goolagong Cawley, and Australian band Grinspoon’s tour merchandise covering up the words ‘Margaret Court Arena’ with ‘Marriage Equality Arena’.

Sigur Rós have called out to their fans: “Let’s make July 27th Margaret Court Arena’s most inclusive night ever and call for every Australian to have the same dignity and respect right here on centre court.”

The shirts will be available at all of their Australian performances and international fans can purchase their own via and