RÜFÜS beyond their Bloom at sold out Perth show

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Sweat It Out signees RÜFÜS have proved continual success across both national and international waters. Back down-under to perform hits off their latest album Bloom, RÜFÜS headed west to perform their sell out show at Perth’s Red Hill Auditorium, reaching its 5000-person capacity.

Approaching the venue gates, our bus driver for the evening was guided into the venue by what can only be described as high-vis angels. The gravel red dirt road and colourful outdoor lights immediately felt like home. Jumping off the bus into the nippy Perth winter air, we quickly joined the merging crowd before being shoved toward the ticketing booth like farm animals. Although with an overwhelming sense of excitement filling the air, this hardly seemed like a bad thing at the time.

Expectations were high, not only for the main act but with past tour supports including the likes of production duo ODESZA and locals Crooked Colours, there was much to look forward to. Kicking off the night in style were Byron Bay five piece TORA. Delivering their beachy-electronic sounds and waves of blissful chill, the audience were in safe hands.

Although it was straight to the bar (or toilets) for those fresh off the buses, with punters queuing up eagerly, perhaps in order to re-gain their marbles? Amongst the lively theatric setting, was an eclectic array of food stalls including the likes of WASSUP Dog gourmet hotdogs, Paella, Woodfired Pizza and Stomping Ground Coffee for the weary eyed.

The bar featured your usual range of mixed spirits, wine and brews including large cans of Japanese Sapporo beer. Much to my delight, they proposed an appealing deal, where in exchange for an empty wine bottle/s one could receive $5. Now that’s the sort of recycling challenge meets return on investment deal that you want (“I’ll have one bottle of wine and a single glass please, sir”).

Looking around eagerly whilst trying to scoff down my ‘Best Dog’ gourmet WASSUP Dog (appropriately doused in mustard-y goodness by yours truly), I was relieved to discover that the crowds were more diverse than the sample size that occupied my bus ride arriving to the event. Thankfully, punters ranged from under-18s to middle age with the majority in their early twenties and thirties – success!

Before long it was Canadian electro duo Bob Moses bringing their unconventional vibe. With deep synth and experimental sounds, their incredible stage presence was the perfect warm-up before the main act. Running through a set-list of their best hits, the pair even gave audiences a sweet taste of their latest works too. Plus, eager fans could catch an even more intimate glimpse of Bob Moses with a sideshow booked for the following night at Jack Rabbit Slims, Northbridge.

Before long, it was time for the main attraction. It seemed all of Perth wanted to catch a glimpse of their favourite Aussie dance trio who were due to kick off at 10:30PM. The nervous wait for RÜFÜS was real and my eyes were locked to the stage, although partly because it was much too overwhelming to look back and at a lack of empty spaces.

Finally the the trio appeared on stage and it was game on. Kicking their set off with the first track off their latest album ‘Brighter’, the trio was off to stellar start. Front vocalist Tyrone Lindqvist was tearing up guitar solos whilst turning on the charm, but it was James Hunt who impressed most with his exceptional percussion; all while keyboardist Jon George executed his own wicked knack for synth.

Soon enough they dropped their popular track ‘Sundream’, which kept the vibe strong all before bringing in the unofficial title track off their latest album ‘Innerbloom’. Soon enough they were mixing things up, with Lindqvist inviting female vocalist Dena Kaplan on stage for a track or two.

Lindqvist was sure to express gratitude to the eager Perth crowd, framing the current moment in all its glory and juxtaposing it with gloomy recording in Berlin’s four-hours days of sunlight.

Apart from an omission of visuals, which didn’t de-tract from the overall vibe, it was the lighting, which kept audiences eyes busy with three cumbersome LED squares, actively swapping colours behind the trio.

Towards the end of their set the group requested that punters light up the sky, making the mood all the more special for both parties. Drawing their wicked performance to an end, RÜFÜS pleased audiences with some favourite tracks from BLOOM including ‘Like An Animal’ and ‘You Were Right’.

Those punters who were willing and able kicked on until the early hours at the after party hosted by Jack Rabbit Slims in Northbridge.