PNAU Throws Cheeky DJ Treat For Perth Punters

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I thought PNAU were a thing of the past, one of those bands that simply serve as a reminder to people who are in their late twenties or older that the good old days are long gone. But in 2016 the Sydney dance duo re-entered the charts and flooded the airwaves with the release of their hot new single ‘Chameleon’. The track slowly became a summer anthem and certified club banger, taking out 11th spot in the hottest 100 for 2016. If you had forgotten about PNAU like I had, this song was a slap in the face, an order that you pay attention to PNAU once again, as they were back and better than ever.

Villa hosted the Aussie dance heroes plus punters on the first Friday of April, PNAU playing a fun DJ set for the intoxicated crowd who boogied hard all night. Fans would have to wait another 24 hours to see them perform as a band live at Hot Dub Wine Machine, the show at Villa merely being a tasty little treat for their Perth fans who were stoked to see them return to the stage.

Personally, I am more a fan of the singer-songwriter over the DJ mixing tunes that aren’t his own, or seeing a band perform live rather than a man behind a desk moving dials up and down. I saw PNAU a number of years ago, (I am one of those people in their late 20’s who feels old when I think back to when I first heard ‘Embrace’) and had a good time.

Their DJ set was energetic, though not like the same as their normal live show. The boys were joined on stage by singer Kira Divine who added her strong vocals over the mix throughout the set. She will feature heavily on the new record, which should make for a strong return for the band. Along with that 2016’s ‘Chameleon’, they dropped fan favourite ‘Embrace’ and an awesome remix of ‘Wild Strawberries’.

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