Perth goes North for Scandinavian Film Festival

As Perth continues to get colder, the third annual Volvo Scandinavian Film Festival beckons perpetual hibernators to go North and experience the most exciting upcoming films from our ‘Scandi’ counter-parts. Showcasing 22 of the most ground-breaking films from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, the festival will be held at Cinema Paradiso from 21st July to 3rd August.

Opening Night:
The festival begins on a topical note, on Thursday with Welcome to Norway – an engaging and bitter black comedy following a hotel owner who converts his half-built alpine hotel near the Norwegian-Swedish border into a state-funded refugee asylum.

Historical Highlights:
The festival opens with contemporary flavour, however some of its greatest contributions delve into Scandinavia’s rich and diverse past. Klaus
Härö’s The Fencer follows the life of legendary fencing master Endel Nelis, as he hides from Stalin’s secret police in a remote Estonian village. Nominated at the 2016 Golden Globes, and winning the Finnish film academy award, The Fencer encompasses stunning cinematography, and embedded themes of bravery and determination.

Martin Zandivliet’s Land of Mine tells the story a group of young German prisoners-of-war in Denmark as they are forced to detonate the thousands of bombs remaining on Danish beaches after World War Two. This engaging and tense thriller is a Gallipoli-esque exploration of the reality and brutality of warfare.

Drama and Disaster:
Måns Månsson’s
The Yard explores personal morals, and fatherhood, as a single father becomes an outcast in a hub for car imports in a small Swedish town and battles with his familial relationships. A Swedish thriller Absolution follows a young couple’s involvement in a hit-and-run car crash, and the lies and mystery that ensue thereafter. Additionally, The Idealist uncovers Cold War secrets and espionage, as a young journalist becomes a famous whistle-blower in the 1980s.

Whilst history and drama flourish, the Scandinavian Film Festival is not without its more ‘Hollywood’ style films. Roar Uthaug’s The Wave marks Norway’s first disaster movie. Set on the picturesque Geiranger fjord, a Norwegian geologist fights against the clock as a threatening natural disaster unfolds!

The Scandinavian Film Festival will screen exclusively at Cinema Paradiso in Northbridge from this Thursday. Adult Tickets are $19, and $15.50 for students. For those Scandinavian film-buffs among us, a 5-Film Pass will set you back $80 (excluding opening night). Tickets to the Opening Night: Welcome to Norway, including pre-show food, drinks, and entertainment are $36.50. Whilst tickets to a Special Screening of The Fencer on 31st July with pre-show entertainment by ECU’s Cavalier School of Fencing are $20.50.

Encompassing engaging and comedic interpretations of Europe’s current refugee crisis, to human stories caught up in the aftermath of World and Cold Wars, to enthralling thrillers, and touching family dramas, and an acclaimed disaster movie for good measure, The Scandinavian Film Festival is a diverse and vibrant exploration of the human condition. And one cinematic delve to Europe’s North surely not to be missed!

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