Ocean Alley Lead A Stellar Rosemount Lineup

What a night for homegrown musical talent! Friday’s show at the Rosey boasted one of the most varied and epic performance lineups I have yet experienced in this beautiful city. Too often you go to a gig hoping against hope that a diverse range of genre, sound and style will be playing, only to be somewhat disappointed when the entire roster organised for the night is comprised of undeniably talented but nevertheless similar sounding artists. Not so with Friday’s show.

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The Slippery Gypsies (not to be confused with the Slippery Gypseas, which I did) kicked us off with a warmly familiar display of alternative rock leanings that swiftly got the crowd jumpin’ and the moshers bumpin’. Not revolutionary by any means, but an energetic and talented old school band of entertainers will always go down an absolute treat at venues such as this. Basically, if the Gypsies play somewhere I can buy a pint, then I’ll be there.

Lights of Berlin were very impressive. Packed to the rafters full of prodigious rock and roll skill, the Sabbath-esque crashing of guitar and percussion improved directly upon Gypsies at-times too recognisable brand of music, bringing the Rosey to life in a dynamic way that I couldn’t have predicted. I can’t wait to see these Perth killers again.

After witnessing their incredibly soulful, artful support of Lurch and Chief last year, seeing Moana seduce the Ocean Alley crowd in the exact same manner was extremely satisfying. Moana Lutton, the frontwoman, is a force of nature, a hypnotically beautiful onstage presence who commands the audience with her powerful vocals and bestial movements. Boasting an array of instrumental talents (they regularly and emphatically utilise a cello) and a very eclectic and skillful expression of their sound, this atmospheric troupe of Perth passionates are absolutely one to look up if you haven’t already.

And then, after a short break, my pick for the best developed young band I have ever had the good fortune of hearing live took the stage. It was around my fourth or even fifth occasion seeing Ocean Alley display their brilliant psychedelic/reggae-fusion live, and maaaaaaaaaaan. It defies logic that such a young band can be so unbelievably smooth, confident and exciting after only a duo of EPs and only one studio album. “Freedom Lover”, from the Yellow Mellow EP, shows off a feverishly infectious guitar twang that would tickle even Hendrix. Thunderous percussion followed in “Those Daze” from the In Purple EP, a feat of rock music that’ll only be done justice once they can play it in a stadium. “Lemonworld” showcases an angrier form of their sensational psychedelic hybrid, and is an utter headbanger. “Paradise A Burn” is a reggae-rock groove masterpiece, and my favourite track of all. Finally, the Sydney outfit’s biggest hit to date, entitled “Yellow Mellow”, concluded the show in rapturous style with its eminently singable lyrics and ecstatic musicality.

Ever since Friday night, I’ve been plagued by the horrid thought that Ocean Alley will one day be forgotten about, never to be heard or enjoyed again. I hope I’m wrong. The sheer pleasure they elicit is deserved of a place in eternity.



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