More to the Map: Discovering Northbridge

I’ve always considered Northbridge to be the creative centre of Western Australia. Through January to February, it hosts the quirky and ever-growing Fringe World Festival. Before Elizabeth Quay was built, State of the Art Music Festival called the Perth Cultural Centre home. Every November, WAM Fest scatters throughout Northbridge’s bars and clubs to host its sensational (and free) festival. The Urban Orchard, Art Gallery of Western Australia, State Library, Western Australia Museum, and State Theatre Centre are right at Northbridge’s doorstep, and spread out across the streets, creative hubs like the Centre for Stories, Paper Mountains, The Bird, and The Blue Room Theatre hide in the nooks and crannies.

With so much to discover, you often need a few free weekends up your sleeve and a map to really navigate the mysterious Northbridge. But why stick to Google Maps? You’re in Northbridge after all, the Creative Central. Everything here is done differently, and definitely with a twist.

Illustrations by Magali Dincher is your insiders’ guide to Northbridge. Every year, they release a map that’ll help you not only discover quirky spots around the suburb, but also collect cute illustrated magnets that’ll turn your fridge door into an aesthetic map masterpiece.

As you venture through William Street, James Street, and Beaufort Street (to name a few), you’ll come across some of Northbridge’s best retail stores, galleries, local services, food & drinks, and venues. Filling and succulent feeds include Porky’ BBQ & Bar, as well as the delicious Varsity Burgers. If you’re after some take-home art, check out Paper Mountain of the Western Australia Museum. For free films to accompany your free magnets, Northbridge Piazza is a must-see. Don’t forget to scope out local talent at The Blue Room Theatre! On the fashion and quirky items front, Fi & Co and Periscope will entice you with their stylish fashions and collectibles, so make sure to pick up your magnet before you leave with your purchases.

To get wandering and start discovering, download and print out your map here!



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