Moonlighter Release ‘The Fool’ | Single Review

The breadth of music regularly on display in Perth staggers me. It seems there are budding artists hiding in little nooks and crannies all over this gloriously sun-drenched city, lying in wait for their chance in the limelight. WAAPA – an institution recognised globally for its tendency to spew out excellent craftspeople – has been keeping a particularly awesome trio of musical journeymen close to its chest like a dirty little secret…but now it’s getting out.

They’re called Moonlighter. The band consists of three WAAPA music students-turned-friends – Sascha Seabourne-Carlin, Connor Hart, and David Brennan. The boys were brought together by their shared love of extremely infectious blues rock, seeking┬áto define themselves as an epic new force of the genre within Perth’s inclusive, warm musical atmosphere.

A four-track EP entitled Sparks was released in September last year, and I can tell ya it is a beauty. Its short, snappy and very hard-hitting tracks hit you like an adrenaline shot to the heart or like a solid brick to the head, but there’s no pain or discomfort. It’s only pleasure – clear, sky-blue euphoria. Coupled with epic, near-soulful lyrics, and some ridiculously addictive electric guitar riffs reminiscent of current Perth giants Pond and the golden age guitartistry of the Hendrix experience, you’ve got a fucking winner.

Their new track, called ‘The Fool’, is the perfect type of track for a developing band: familiar to what launched your success in the first place, but fresh enough to show that you’re moving in the right direction. And ‘The Fool’ is a blistering piece of entertainment (evoking the killer track ‘Giant Tortoise’ of the aforementioned psychedelic mammoths, Pond), giving you no choice but to bop and stomp and belt out the lyrics that have so easily invaded your inner musical mind-scape. It’s an epic new release, and one they should be proud of.

‘The Fool’ will enjoy its launch event at Jack Rabbit Slim’s on March 31st, and will be supported by avant-garde tune-machines Moana and exciting up-and-comers South Side Cobras. If you’re a fan of adrenaline-pumpin’, incredibly infectious blues rock, Moonlighter might just be your sound.



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