Moodymann | Live @ Villa

The elusive and influential pioneering funkhouser Moodymann stormed the stage at Villa last Friday night, to a sell out show that managed to run over capacity following the venue change from Perth Urban Orchard. With a history of festive escapades, the Mahogany Music provocateur spent the night taking our small town asses back to basics by swooning and swindling the beat in a whirlpool of genres, giving us a little taste of everything.

Forever embracing that authentic old school Detroit sound, Moodymann has captured the melancholic low-fi ambiance that has inspired the likes of Jay-Dee, and Theo Parrish in that classic Detroit style.

Fine tuning progressive house to defy tradition, and spinning classic hip hop, jazz, funk and bebop together for a night of diversity, Kenny Dixon Jr. embodied that carefree, naive discovery of music where $50 a month pocket money was seen as a world of possibilities. Racing to the record store, blindly following your passion for music based purely on the enjoyment of hearing something new. While Moodymann played, he shared his environment with us. A place free to express, through any and every kind of style, including a Solomun Vox remix of Noir & Haze’s “Around,” Moodymann unapologetically showed us Moodymann.

Inspired by Bootsy Collins and Funkadelic, and learning from Juan Atkins growing up in Detroit, KDJ’s set encapsulated this incredible atmosphere of blending up all the best bits of his favourites into a raucous harmony and sensual funk. Offering up each track with love and care, he ever so coolly slid into position behind the decks following an energetic set from the soulful Floating Points and the always on-point Henry Maxwell.

Moodymann once said in an interview presented by Scion A/V, “Me? I’m gonna give you my environment, that’s what you’re paying for, I’ma bring you the truth, this is what I’m listening to.” And it was easy to see that transcribed to an honest, and humble live atmosphere.