Menopause the Musical: Women on Fire Review

Ever yearned to share your deepest and most embarrassing body problems? Are you a woman over 40? Do you suffer from living with a woman over 40? Then Menopause the Musical is for you! Filled with parody versions of your favourite old-school classics explaining and reassuring the normalcy of menopausal symptoms and midlife-crisis experiences, Menopause the Musical is a comedy that will set even the shyest viewer into hysterics. 

The show opens on four women shopping in the lingerie section of Myer. Although they are from different walks of life, they bond over complaining about their latest predicaments. I must admit the first song felt awkward. The performers’ initial connections with the audience felt stilted but as the audience warmed the performers relaxed into their roles. By the end of the performance, the audience were unanimously howling with laughter and singing along. My favourite scenes featured trying on skimpy lingerie, vibrators, and dressing as 80’s popstars.

There’s just something so comical about laughing at situations that are so common that majority of the women in the audience have experienced them. My favourite song was a parody of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, describing where men sleep to escape their menopausal wives. “She’s a Witch, She’s a Bitch” is the scene-stealing line.

My only disappointment was the abrupt ending. Although they had depleted the topics to sing about and ended with a wonderful rendition of We Are Family, there was no resolution. But, I suppose, there really is no resolution to Menopause. Only another predicament. Another “change”. 

Menopause the Musical is showing at Crown Theatre Perth. For more information, and how to book tickets, visit the Crown website or the Ticket Master website





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