LaJIT is Back: All The Latest Details On His New EP

After a string of EPs and countless collaborations in the underground scene, San Antonio rapper LaJIT is back with his latest project “How It Feel”.

The 4-track EP, featuring the previously released title track, “My Daddy Said” and two new tracks,  sees the versatile emcee experiment with a range of musical styles and topics while maintaining an underlying gritty tone throughout. Fully self-produced, the release highlights a development in both his wordplay and production skills, with the latter especially prominent on the drill-influenced track “H Y P E”. Title track and EP opener “How It Feel”, on the other hand, adopts a style reminiscent of an early Childish Gambino, with the added aggressiveness of Yelawolf. LaJIT confidently carries himself over each track, exerting an abrasive and passionate presence that perfectly complements the EP’s production.

With catchy hooks, hard bars and knocking production, give the EP a listen below or grab it on Apple Music or Spotify now.