JunoKind Launch EP and Melt Hearts at The Bird

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The launch of JunoKind’s first EP The Infinity Cafe on Thursday night comes with a huge plot twist which I intend to ruin for you immediately. Spoiler alert – they broke up. Was it a shock? Yes. Were there tears? Also yes. And for someone as emotionally unhinged as me that was hard to watch. So I shut my eyes and enjoyed what was to be the final ever performance of electro-indie duo JunoKind.

The Bird is one of my favourite venues in Perth and it’s absolutely perfect for intimate, lurky gigs. Melbourne-based support act Feelds (James Seymour) opened to a very reasonable crowd for a school night, with about fifty people scattered across the main room. New single ‘Colourblind’ was definitely a stand-out, a four minute indie-pop ballad that I may or may not have played about ten times already on his Triple J Unearthed page.

Local electro-pop songstress Valentine is up next – she looks like Lorde but sounds like Meg Mac. Someone’s cool dad is supporting her on the saxophone and really, is anyone ever disappointed when jazz comes to town? I watch the last half of her set from the bar where I’ve ordered a large glass of their finest and cheapest red. Jade and George from JunoKind are next to me drinking their nerves away, or as George puts it “getting buttered up”.

By the time headliners JunoKind hit the stage there’s a good 80-100 people in the main room. With a full band in tow and a very cool animated visual backdrop, Jade launches into their first song ‘Out Of Air’. This is the fourth time I’ve seen Jade perform live and I’m always blown away by her deep, powerful vocals. The sound was a little low on her microphone but the front of house quickly brought her up to a good level in time for their second song ‘Hiding Places’.

Half way through JunoKind’s set I saw something I’ve never seen before – possibly it’s a new trend or possibly I’m just woefully unobservant and this is totally ‘a thing’. Their drummer was playing a standard kit plus an electric drum which was thrust between the snare and cymbal. This is like the Old El Paso taco girl but with drums – ‘why not have both?’ Weird but wonderful, the result was an enchanting blend of electro-pop beats and classic percussion.

The pair are moving in new directions in their music careers and are currently working on some exciting projects. Jade has recently returned from touring with Fremantle indie-pop sensation Elli Schoen and George has just released an EP with local rock-rappers, Death by Denim.