Junglenauts release psychoactive debut single, “Aerial.”

A holy trinity of notorious local Perth bands have joined forces for your listening pleasure. Tam Glover, writer, singer, and guitarist of Mugwump and keys George Kosta of Wanderlust have teamed up with Psychedelic Porn Crumpets front man Jack McEwan and guitarist Luke Parish to create a Lo-Fi, mind-bending power trio called Junglenauts. They mark the “sweet melodious birth of our musical presence” with their debut single, “Aerial.”

As the song begins with a lead line bordering on flamenco vibrations, layered guitar tracks and shimmering cymbals immerse the listener in an intricate composition of space-out Psych. Intriguing chord movements and layered melodies keep you guessing as McEwan’ keening falsetto basks in a tin bucket of reverb. In the tune’s climax, the busy mix intensifies into a wailing hypnosis of delay-laden lead guitars alluding to Prog sounds.

Jack McEwan had clearly found his trip fronting Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and now flanked by some of Perth’s best on ground, this new group are sure to hit this town with a skip in their step. “Aerial” is a reflective, smooth jam with just enough grit to make you want to chew on it.

Give it a listen here: