Joy Division Fans, Prepare Yourselves…

A cult phenomenon never truly dies. English post-punk legends Joy Division officially disbanded following the tragic suicide of their lead singer Ian Curtis, later reforming as part of a new, popularly and critically acclaimed rock band named New Order. But it’s the former – the original outfit, Joy Division – that has continued to entrance music fans in the decades since. Best remembered for the deftly poured cocktail of Curtis’ melancholy, sorrowful lyricism, driving instrumentals and a doomy, almost Gothic atmosphere, the English act only saw four active years but in the decades since they ended have remained as beloved as they always were.

So much so, in fact, that their music is yet again going on tour and coming to Australia. Peter Hook – English singer, songwriter, and co-founder of both Joy Division and their legacy act New Order – and his band Peter Hook and the Light will make their way to Astor Theatre on October 16th to play songs from a very specific setlist: Unknown Pleasures and Closer, the only two albums ever released by Division (Hook’s original outfit). Both albums are considered by many to be two of the greatest ever recorded, so if you’re a fan of classic tunes with a distinctly British feel then this is the gig for you. Actually, scratch that. If you’re a fan of music in general, or if you wish to pay your respects to some of the most respected artists in the medium’s history, or both, then simply suggesting you go is an understatement.


Tickets are now on sale.



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