Introversion, Inconsistency & Art With Tahnee Kelland

Local artist from Mandurah, Tahnee Kelland, cannot remember the last time she wasn’t inspired to create. Now a full time artist, the only creative problem she encounters is keeping up with her endless flow of ideas. Coming from a childhood of pouring her imagination onto the painted walls of the family home, her parents encouraged the pursuance of her creativity. She discovered that painting made her feel alive.

Kelland painting in her studio.

Soft music played in a quiet building as I wandered around Fremantle’s stalls of independent local artwork. I saw bowls splashed in brightly coloured paint, brushes of petals climbing up the ceramics, next to portraits of young women, quotes alongside random brushes of flowers. Cats, baths and bedrooms painted in emotion-triggering colours in themes of feminity, solitude, love, and introversion. I asked the young woman at the counter who the different artists are. “They are all done by me,” she smiled.

Tahnee’s earlier stages of creativity involved juggling full time work whilst delving into her creativity during nightfall. Her research into artistry demanded that artists ‘must be’ recognizable through a consistent style. Whilst understandable from a marketing perspective, Tahnee approached this idea with great apprehension since her initial motive to create is purely; self-expression direct from the heart. Consistency seemed irrelevant.

‘My Red String Girls’ Tahnee Kelland 2016 collection.

Tahnee decided to neglect the opinions of other people; and her artwork flourished. She sticks to one style for only the duration of inspired feelings, and moves on with no hesitation. “It’s not a good business move, but I’m selfish and not into people pleasing.”

As art teaches us endless lessons about ourselves, Tahnee’s most recent series ‘Alone’ allowed her to celebrate the world of introversion. Women painted in radiant, luminous colours and decorated with flowers convey the positive elements of alone time. “I feel there can be negative points of view on people choosing to spend more time alone then socializing so I wanted to express a positive take on it.”

Her introverted qualities has only grown and expanded her creative process.

“Introverts by nature are thinkers. I feel like this has helped me express feelings easier because I spend so much time in solitude thinking about them.”

Every painting teaches Tahnee a lesson. Lessons in art and comparable to life, such as inconsistency being a natural way of the human condition. In world that often thrives with extroverted societies, there is always a beautiful place for solitude and reflection.


Tahnee Kelland will be displaying her artwork in a collaborative exhibition called at the Ferguson Foundry Gallery in Maylands, Perth from May 13 – May 26. Artwork can also be purchased on her website, and viewed on her Instagram account @tahnee_kelland