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In/compatible is a social commentary on life, sex and relationships, given an incredibly realistic portrayal of how they have “evolved” over the years. Presented by Fairly Random Inc. in/compatible is able to tell five incredibly diverse stories from unique perspectives in just 10 minutes segments.

“The youth of the 21st century want love, acceptance and sex as much as the previous generations. Technology, media and ever-changing societal standards have somehow made these aspects of life seem more available and yet further out of reach. And despite all the knowledge available to us, life and self-discovery is as confusing as ever.

In/compatible is an evening of 10 minute plays on sexual dysfunction among youth and the underlying reasons for it. It explores issues like mental illness, self image, abuse, shame, suppression, sex addiction and the potential transactional nature of sex.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this show, I was pleasantly surprised by how fleshed out each story was, you could instantly connect to the characters and the unfolding stories. Too often stories rely on a backstory that has to be explained to the audience first, but these were perfect bite-sized morsels of entertainment that didn’t need an elaborate introduction, they were direct to the point and for that I applaud them. 

The show was split into five 10-minute plays. The first “The Panel” depicted the all too familiar character of a cocky misogynistic author whose book is titled “I Respect You, Let’s Fuck” where they debate the “importance” of dick pics in today’s dating culture. The audience couldn’t help but laugh at how well these characters were portrayed. I personally couldn’t refrain from rolling my eyes at some of the statements the male characters were saying on the subject, knowing how many men out there actually believe those statements.

Other plays from the evening included “The First Night” about a newly weds first night as husband and wife and the pressure they feel. “M’ Lady” portraying the unfortunately all too familiar problem women have when being hit on by men in public, especially when they don’t like the word ‘no’, and the dangers that holds. “Boxes” showed a potentially frightful look into the future where people are categorized and labeled by their sexuality in a horrendously extreme manner.

However, the one that resonated the most with me was “Mirror, Mirror,” a heartbreakingly real look in to self-image and body dysmorphia. Mental illness has many forms, and can be caused by so many things, and something like being unhappy with your appearance can turn into some much darker if left to fester. This is what “Mirror, Mirror” displays, when you’ve crossed to the dark side and all you see are your faults and not even your loved ones can sway the voice in your head constantly chanting “fat, ugly, disgusting.” It was an interesting way they portrayed this, with the character and her mirror self-standing side by side, but not always doing the same thing. Whilst her mirror self taunts her, it covers it self with red marks that at first highlight and circle “problem areas” but then gets crazy with scribbles of “fat” and “ugly” all over her.

This diverse and honest depiction of today’s society was phenomenal, if somewhat too realistic, certain moments were just too relevant to things happening in the world right now. Things that really shouldn’t still be an issue, but are, I think this show is very fitting giving all the Women’s marches happening and what they stand for. I think this is quite an important show to see because it’s holding up a mirror to society, and the result isn’t good. 

In/compatible is being performed in the Flaming Locomotive State Theatre Centre Injector Room; shows will be running until Saturday the 4th of February. This show will have you laughing and cringing at the realistic portrayals of today’s society. Tickets can be purchased from the Fringe World website.

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