Grunge-Rock Pioneers The Melvins touring Australia with Red Kross in November 2017

There are no rules dictating that a tremendously influential band must also make for pleasant listening. When a band is described as visionary or ahead of their time, it does not mean you will feel good once the experience of listening to them is over.

Some bands, such as The Melvins, have enjoyed rabid cult popularity because, more than anything, they challenge their listeners with dark material seemingly inspired by the acts of Lucifer himself. Their esoteric brand of moody grunge rock fused with oppressive elements of both doom and sludge metal can claim to have influenced the music of industry giants like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Redd Kross, and even the Foo Fighters.

And on Friday 3rd of November, these agents of musical madness will be playing at Perth’s own club, Capitol. There will be no respite found within those four walls from their music of death – not even in the soggy ‘90s room upstairs – and their ardent fans would have it no other way.

Prepare yourself for a show and a half, brave souls. Partnered with their associates for the night, the aforementioned Redd Kross, The Melvins are not for the faint of heart.

Check out their 2017 track ‘Christ Hammer’ below:

Tour Dates:

Friday, 3rd November
Capitol, Perth

Saturday, 4th November
The Gov, Adelaide

Wednesday, 8th November
Max Watts, Melbourne

Thursday, 9th November
Factory Theatre, Sydney

Friday, 10th November
Crow Bar, Brisbane

For tickets follow the link to Frontier’s site here



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