A Glorious Feeling, Singin’ in the Rain: Review

Singin’ in the Rain is one of the most iconic musicals from the classic Hollywood era, with greats such as: Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds starring in the original film. This is a well-known story beloved by many.

Grant Almirall as Don Lockwood during the Singin' In The Rain dress rehearsal, St James Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand on Tuesday, 14 April 2015. Credit: Hagen Hopkins.

Grant Almirall as Don Lockwood Credit: Hagen Hopkins.

Singin’ in the Rain follows the story of Don Lockwood, a famous silent movie star who struggles as the world of film evolves into the “talking picture.” It focuses on the difficulty that the Film Production Company and cast face with the sudden transition and the problems that arise along the way. 

Bringing a show like Singin’ in the Rain to the stage would not be an easy feat; the script and songs have to be handled with the utmost care, but I believe that the Director Jonathan Church has done a fantastic job converting the infamous film to the stage. This is an incredibly wonderful ‘feel good’ show. 


The cast of Singin’ in the Rain

Everyone left the theatre with a big grin on their faces, especially those who were in the “splash zone” (myself included). I think one of the best and most innovative changes made to the show was to literally make it rain onstage. It was definitely a breathtaking sight, and adds so much to the show and the dance numbers performed in the rain. I don’t think there is a better way to experience the show than to sit in the “splash zone,” because you feel incredibly involved and immersed with what’s happening onstage. However, I was extremely thankful for the plastic ponchos we were provided to make sure we weren’t absolutely soaked by the end of the show.  

There weren’t any missteps; all of the actors were spectacular in their roles. Grant Almirall (who was playing Don Lockwood the night I saw the show) perfectly embodied Gene Kelly in everything he did. Gretel Scarlett’s voice was an absolute standout of the show, and she is a fantastic dancer. Jack Chambers’ character Cosmo was hands-down my favourite of the night; he was such a jovial character and a delight to watch. His song ‘Make ‘Em Laugh’ was a highlight for me.


The Lovely Gretel Scarlett dedicated her portrayal of Kathy Seldon to the late Debbie Reynolds after her untimely passing.

However, it did feel incredibly bittersweet to see Singin’ in the Rain so soon after the world was shocked by the news of Debbie Reynolds’s sudden death. Although I think the cast honoured her memory tremendously by giving it their all, everyone involved had a glorious night.

Overall, the show was spectacular. A glorious night out for everyone to enjoy, and the themes covered in the show of the ‘Hollywood industry’ still feel quite relevant today. 

Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster; shows are running until January 22nd 2016. 

We spoke to the lovely Gretel Scarlett, who plays the role of Kathy Selden, about the show, read it here.



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