Getting “Drunk” With The Jazz-Soul Maestro Thundercat

Stephen Bruner aka THUNDERCAT is an extremely talented man. Coveted the world over not only by his fans, but by hopeful colleagues who dream that he’ll deign to get involved in the creation of their sound; his skill-set is quite frankly ridiculous. A multi-instrumentalist jazz fusion soul artist capable of delivering a killer bass line 100% of the time, and gifted with an encyclopaedic wealth of musical knowledge and perfect pitch, Thundercat has slowly and steadily but no less resoundingly established himself as a major player in the game.

With three solo albums that had critics completely raving and a plethora of featured writing, singing and producing credits that has gained him a lot of allies (including a major involvement in the iconic success of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly) the Los Angeles maestro’s fourth album, entitled Drunk, finds itself perched atop the tallest hype tree through no fault of its own. And, honestly, it’s deserved: the album is a fantastic achievement.

Featuring the prestigious likes of Flying Lotus, Lamar, Kamasi Washington and Pharrell as devoted partners in his groove, Drunk has a pedigree that can’t be denied. Thundercat follows up the undulating bass euphoria of The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam with a crazily packed 23-track LP that’ll threaten to ruin the career of many a contemporary jazz, soul, electronic and funk artist, so deadly the man is at juggling all of them at once. And when he binds all of these pieces together with brilliant vocals that can somehow be soothing, joyful, aching or soulful at the drop of a hat, you know that you’re listening to a masterwork.

The album comes out February 24th. If you’ve listened to my words at all, you’ll be in line to snag yourself a copy. If you haven’t listened, I nonetheless still expect the universe to gently gravitate you towards Thundercat‘s new and glorious output, so that you’ll more easily come to your senses. Congratulations Thundercat.¬†You’ve done it again.



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