Disco, Funk And House: Gala Party Got Groovy At The Bird

They call it a Gala Party, and with good reason. Everything about the night had the feel and characteristics of a house party, only held in an establishment. Last night I ventured to The Bird for the most recent Gala Party, and, upon entry, was immediately met with great tunes and a welcoming atmosphere.

Last night’s shindig was held at the popular live music hub in Northbridge to a great reception. The place was packed, the drinks were flowing, and the music groovin. As is customary with The Bird, you never actually know how many people are there until you‘ve grabbed your drink from the bar inside, make your way to the outside smoking area, and discover that there is barely any space to move, let alone sit down. Nevertheless, we are always happy to stand and chat at times like this.

The concept of the Gala Parties is revolutionary. Occupational therapist and creative director of Gala Apparel by day, Nicole Filev organises these events at various cool and popular venues, and brings talented and upcoming DJs into the mix (as well DJ-ing at every Gala event herself). The beats are always groovy and the clientele are always spreading positive vibes. Last night did not disappoint, with four DJs who all sat nicely in the harmonic grooves of Disco, Funk and House where the beats kept on rolling.

In Perth, it is not uncommon to walk into a bar and see an array of friendly faces and familiar ones, but last night was something else all together. Just about every person I spoke to exclaimed to me, “Man, I know, like, everyone here!” And they were not wrong. There was a great sense of community throughout the place, which gave a hand to the uplifting vibes coupled with the thumping tunes which made the event all in all a terrific night out.



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