Floating Skulls and Wormholes – New music from Usurper of Modern Medicine

In an overcrowded scene brimming with cheap Tame Impala knockoffs, Perth psych rockers Usurper of Modern Medicine (UOMM) continue to set themselves apart with their avant-garde approach to making music. Following up from their album launch and Augmented Reality vinyl announcement at The Bird earlier this month, the trio have just dropped a trippy new music video for their third track Intercyclical. Complete with wormholes and astral slow-dancing, the clip showcases front man Steven Aaron Hughes’ ability to combine audio and visual for a full-on sensory experience.

Simultaneously, UOMM have announced a live demo of their Augmented Reality (AR) App and exhibition of original artwork by local surrealist artist Liam Dee this month at the Corner Gallery in Subiaco. Their collaboration with Dee extends to album artwork, AR visuals and of course the event exhibition itself.

A truly cross-platform experience, UOMM’s vinyl release of new album Everything Is Nothing comes with a download of their AR App, a seriously exciting first in the industry. Designed by Hughes in collaboration with Dee and coder Steve Berrick, the App turns the vinyl into an interactive AR experience. Essentially, a floating skull is going to appear above the record as it spins on your turntable and spew forth all manner of face-melting visuals.

If you want to be the first to see it in real life, sort of, the live demonstration will be happening Friday 11th August at the Corner Gallery alongside original artwork, paintings, 3D printed sculptures and live music from Feels, Doublethink Prism, Lana and Tactile AF.

The new UOMM album complete with digital download and AR app is available for pre-order now with delivery in early August. You can check out the latest clip for Intercyclical on YouTube now.