Elliphant defying genres at Jack Rabbit Slims

Swedish singer-songwriter Elliphant is a genre-defying sensation and her live show is as wild as it is weird. Sweet synthpop with lashings of reggae are followed by some seriously heavy trap beats. Diverse, chaotic and always exciting, Elliphant delivers an electrifying performance at Jack Rabbit Slims that made everyone’s Saturday night.

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Father DJs open the show to a crowd more intent on the bar than the dance floor, but its early days yet. The room steadily fills up as WA duo Time Pilot hit the decks at 10pm, immediately dropping some killer club remixes. ‘Middle’ by DJ Snake was easily the standout track and the dance floor is soon slick with spilt beer. This will be an important and unfortunate catalyst to the events that follow when Elliphant takes the stage. Ending with a Ratatat hit, Time Pilot soon have everyone pushing toward the stage and the room is humming with anticipation.

Equal-parts adorable and creepy, the mouse from Elliphant’s debut studio album Living Life Golden flashes on to the projection screen behind the DJ booth, signalling the arrival of our headline act. Elliphant’s entrance is reminiscent of a champion boxer bouncing into the ring, complete with black hoodie, cheers and flashing lights. Her DJ jumps on the decks and we kick off the set with synth-filled pop banger ‘Step Up’, the first song from her new album.

Part boxer part ballerina, Elliphant utterly commands your attention from the second she arrives on stage. All eyes are on her when she ditches the hoodie to reveal a mostly opaque black cat suit and closely cropped dark hair. The pop-punk princess thanks the sold-out crowd for joining her before launching into hit ‘Where Is Home’, the mouse behind her breathing reams of pixelated flames.

After a swig of JRS staple Tecate, Elliphant smiles at the crowd. ‘Can I have some girls on shoulders please?’ At least twenty five ladies are soon balancing themselves precariously on the shoulders of friends who clearly drew the short straw. Security are thankfully unbothered by the chaos as Elliphant jumps gleefully into hip-hop pop hybrid ‘One More’. At this point the pool of beer that is the JRS dance floor claimed its first victims. Two sets of couples behind me go down hard, limbs flailing, as probably the biggest hit from the new album ‘Love Me Badder’ begins. Someone loses a drink, but thankfully I manage to catch most of it in my shoes. You’re welcome friend.

Finally the one everyone’s been waiting for, ‘Stranger’, a Peking Duk original featuring vocals from our incredible headliner. A huge hit in Australia, Elliphant thanks her Aussie fans for making it one of her biggest songs to date. As a further thanks she gives us an exceptionally cool version of ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ for the encore, a song she says inspired her to make music. I can safely say I’ve never heard air horn-filled trap music followed by INXS before; but I came here to get weird and Elliphant did not let me down.