Dream Circle – An electro-organic triad, creators of ‘artivism’ and music.

Previously a husband and wife duo, Dream Circle consists of members Katy Walker (lead vocals, keys, production), Nikkie Bliss (vocals) and Joel Mejia (drums, production). Formed in 2011, the Brooklyn-based triad is all about celebrating music and ‘artivism’: the mix between activism and art. Something we at Avenior, and our loyal readers, are all about.

Dream Circle’s eclectic sound, one that can not be easily described, is a spiritualized genre-bending journey into a mix of electronic, house, hip-hop, dub reggae, and world music. I’d recommend listening to their music whilst meditating, hiking or on long road trips. I say this because Dream Circle has the ability to make their listeners feel ‘one with nature’ and the world that we move through. The way their music grounds and embodies a listener to their setting is something untouched by most other artists.

Dream Circle undertones feelings of energy, universal love, and expanding the collective consciousness, all done through an electro-organic approach. Sonically they explore issues that some hesitate to bring forth into the public eye and have countlessly said that Dream Circle lives to record music that speaks the truth.

“It may sound esoteric, but music is magical. It doesn’t come from a place that we typically have access to unless we open ourselves up…. We wanted it to uplift people and have a vibratory effect on them. It’s not casual listening, but active listening,” says Mejia about their first collection LOST ART.

With rave responses from indie music lovers and the European underground music scene, Dream Circle’s following continues to grow in strong numbers. The band’s mission to celebrate the human soul and a conscious existence has resonated in individuals from all over the world.

The trio’s newest song, ‘On Your Way’ expands into a far-reaching space. The track is filled with a heavy sense of tranquillity and faraway longing that takes listeners on a spiritual journey for peace. The video clip for ‘On Your Way’ is set in a tropical oasis and features an underwater dancing montage that really captured my attention. The nets that were connected to the underwater dancer, which flowed and shadowed their every movement, sparked a mental conversation of water pollution and waste effects on the environment.

‘On Your Way’ is just a delicious taste of Dream Circle’s second album Soul Technology, a follow up to their first LP, Lost Art. The album is said to bring forth the same message of positive soul empowerment that was heard and felt in “Lost Art”. The production is reminiscent of ancient vibes with beats and rhymes made to uplift listeners and take them to another place. Soul Technology is filled with meaningful lyrics and haunting vocals alongside electronic synth-like beats. I love the wavelength these guys are currently on, with quotes like “Shine the light of truth, into the shadows, past the circus of destruction” it’s hard to not see the beauty in the art of Dream Circle.



An eager listener can also find sound bites of Dream Circle’s music in their documentary movie “Time is Art” which we recently reviewed and talked about. Dipping their artistic toes in new waters, “Time is Art” showcases Dream Circle’s multi-talented commitment to changing the world around us. “Time is Art” wouldn’t be called an easy watch. However, it is a focused film with a non-linear cinematic journey, considered a meditative experience combining breathtaking scenes of forests, deserts, and waterfalls with urban sprawls, stunning street art, science and space. All of which is reminiscent and carried by snippets of spiritual Dream Circle audio.

Wanna hear something cool?

Dream Circle and Unemployable Music are currently hosting a stellar remix contest open to all. The chosen song is ‘On Your Way’ and the winner will receive a split of sales, a sick Dream Circle t-shirt discography and more. Dream Circle and Unemployable Music are looking for trip-hop, leftfield, hip-hop, dub reggae, downtempo, drum & bass and deep/afro house remixes (y’know, Dream Circle kinda stuff). If you’re even slightly interested you should definitely check out http://www.unemployablenyc.com/ for more information. The contest closes at the end of August, so there’s still time!

Dream Circle is a band that strongly believes that art should disturb the comfortable, and comfort the disturbed. The highly anticipated Soul Technology drops July 25th and if you’re interested in hearing some of their newer stuff, Dream Circle is also hosting an awesome giveaway to fans. The prize? To listen to an exclusive 160+ minutes of Dream Circle goodness, but hurry there’s only a couple weeks left to enter.





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