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With this years Groovin the Moo festival bringing a wealth of talent both domestic and international through Perth over the last week, Mojo’s in North Fremantle played host to the Melbourne based, indie dance pop duo, Client Liaison, as a part of their national tour and sideshows following their single release “World of Our Love”.

The sold out show was supported by GL, an electronic dance duo from Melbourne featuring the dreamy vocals of Ella Thompson, and the classy keys of Graeme Pogson. The ever popular indie-tronica formula of a (usually) male producer and female vocalist, they played their own take on timeless dance sounds from the mid 80’s, including their latest single “Grip” which set the scene for a trip to the discos and dancehalls.

Cheered to the stage looking like an 80s cocaine commercial, the duo of Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller Client Liaison were ready to deliver the goods; if the goods were a damn good time coated in retro Australiana gloss. Their extended tour roster including lead guitar from Harvey’s brother, and bass from Tom Tilly (whose voice you might have recognized from Triple J’s Hack). The aesthetic of the band is like a Miami fever dream of Michael Jackson and Peter Garret with costumes and dance moves to match. With the dorky coordinated dance moves a neon fantasy is brought to life.

The retro dance vibe had the crowd grooving and moving, while vocals from Monte seemed so familiar and easy to sing along to. Classic 80s house synths and drum machines make up the eclectic vintage sound that Client Liaison have distinguished themselves with whilst the live guitar and bass gave a great touch to their live show. The deep melodic 80s bassline of their single “Feed the Rhythm” was a highlight, and their latest single “World Of Our Love” proved another top notch indie pop tune. Their relatively small discography means that you’re bound to hear your favorites, although in turn it did make for a reasonably short set. Leaving the stage about 35 minutes in, only to return for an encore in a full costume change and encore brandishing a mic’d up didgeridoo, and closing out with a great cover of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”.

Client Liaison has a great stage presence and a sense of fun. They don’t take themselves too seriously whilst maintaining their retro inspired aesthetic. Despite being a being a small venue, the sound didn’t fully fill the room for some of their more dance heavy tracks. This indie duo really shows off the variety and depth in the alternative dance scene.

 Watch their recently released music video for their recent single below: