A Cheesy Encore And Booing Fans Sour Gypsy And The Cat’s Last Perth Show

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Jack Rabbit Slim’s hosted another internationally acclaimed Australian group this Friday in Melbourne’s indie/dream-pop duo Gypsy and the Cat. Fresh off the August release of their new album “Virtual Islands”, the duo rocked up to their final Perth show ever with an arsenal of Triple J favourite tunes and newly released material in the hopes of cementing their connection with fans and going out on a high. Unfortunately, the Western-most stop on their farewell tour was marred by a lack of compelling new tracks, minimal interaction with the crowd, and a seemingly non-existent understanding of the concept of showmanship.

Perth up-and-comers Ah Trees supported the duo in glorious fashion with an electric display of their funk/indie-rock hybrid musicality. Their track list may be short at the moment given their recent origins, but their songwriting and engrossing live performance more than compensated for this, ultimately proving them to be the better of the bands playing that night.

Gypsy can boast globally famed tracks such as “Jona Vark”, “Time To Wander” (which, if I’m being honest, was a spectacular closer), and “The Piper’s Song”, and they were undoubtedly brilliant when rendered live, but a cheesy, unearned encore partnered with unenthusiastic performing and a very short duration left the deflated crowd no choice but to shockingly boo the duo at the show’s conclusion – something I’ve rarely, if ever, witnessed at a local gig. It was an unfortunate end to the night, but hopefully it is the sole hiccup on their hugely-anticipated ultimate tour.



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