CARL COX continues to maintain his great reputation @ Red Hill Auditorium

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Certified veteran of the international dance music scene, Carl Cox, has been spinning techno heaters since the mid 80s. Cox continues to maintain a top of the line reputation as one of the greatest techno and tech house DJs on the planet.

Announcing his retirement from a 12 year long residency at Space nightclub Ibiza, Cox’s latest international tour landed him at Perth’s at Red Hill Auditorium for a 3 hour set of crunchy industrial bangers.

Set in the hills of Perth overlooking the great suburban sprawl, Red Hill Auditorium was the perfect outdoor setting for some summer raving madness. Fans of all ages showed the significance of Cox’s legacy as all lovers of dance music were out in force, from young fuccbois in their rinsing kit to your aunt and uncle reliving that crazy night in Ibiza 25 years ago, the broad audience were ready to pay tribute and witness a master of his craft.

Cox began his set in a seamless DJ manner by strolling up to the decks and mixing straight out of the bouncy tech house set delivered by the support act Kolsch and nonchalantly starting the journey into the night. No flashy stage antics, no bullshit, this was business as usual for the veteran selector. The sound is what your nan would call “doof doof” music as each bass drum puts craters into the earth at a steady 128bpm, as the huge bass synths and tribal percussion drive the frenzy of music along. The monotonous and hypnotic beats stir the whole amphitheater into a trance, the vibe was positive and the dance party was in full swing.

The venue allowed for the full quality and finesse of the dance beat to be heard as the crisp snares and hi hats cut through the mix like a hot knife through butter. No doubt the kick and bass could be heard across the hills. The lights and visuals were a top-notch accompaniment to the wild electronic party complete with acid house visualizers and enough strobes to send the whole crowd into a feverish rave. No surprise that Cox killed it and showed his encyclopedic knowledge of his craft, flawlessly mixing for the entire 3 hour set. Carl Cox’s live show was an excellent journey through the primal history of dance music from deep industrial techno to uplifting synth driven house, his syncopated mixing and predictably chaotic changes kept the crowd grooving and moving all night long.