British India shake Perth stages with their latest ARIA charting album

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Performing tracks of their latest album Touches Me, Melbourne rock band British India, took the west by storm with their Winter Tour at Capitol on Friday June 24. Forming in 2004, the dedicated band consisting of Matt O’Gorman, Will Drummond, Nic Wilson and Declan Melia, have been known for their incredible work ethic over a fast decade of reward and success. As their fifth studio album and fourth consecutive LP to chart ARIA’s Top 10, fans of all ages were bound to spill through Capitol’s doors to catch Touches Me live.

Kicking off with supports from rad local surf-rock four piece Stillwater Giants, the crowds were in for a stellar gig. With epic guitar work from Kyle Lockyer and Tom Godden, frontman Henry Clarke’s wicked vocals and smooth percussion from Angus Watkins, their set started strong with a tune about cat ladies. Their set was nothing short of charming and fun, with crowds quickly multiplying, however it was not complete without dropping singles from their upcoming album including ‘Montage’ as well as their popular tune ‘Fly Under the Radar’ off their 2012 EP.

Before long British India took to stage with completely packed out crowds of all ages which proved testament to the bands longevity of success. Kicking off with a pumping first track ‘Black and White Radio’, vibes were high. Moshpits were started, groups of hardcore fans were shouting along to the lyrics, and people were making new friends in the crowd. It was clear with their incredible stage energy they had no doubt played to much larger crowds in their time.

They played a fresh set including songs such as ‘Nothing Touches Me’ and ‘Spider Chords’ but made sure to run through their classic triple-j-esque tunes too with some older songs such as ‘Run the Red Light’ and ‘I Said I’m Sorry’. The crowds were singing along as it set a melancholy vibe, making the band realise how long ago they were written. I was surprised to hear more of a punk influence coming through in their sound, which made for a fun and slightly rowdier experience for most punters.

Of course, an encore was asked for and the boys delivered. British India were told they didn’t have much time left after a few more songs, so to really finish the night off with a bang, they sent us off with an energy-packed rendition of Rage Against The Machine‘s ‘Killing In The Name Of’ with the lead singer pumping up the crowd as he bound from side to side of the stage. Come what may of British India’s next endeavours, their Perth show proved that in any event, they sure know how to shake an entire room.

Listen to Nothing Touches Me here: