Boykie’s melancholic and furious “Family Man” | Single Review

Boykie – the local acoustic/alt. rock band founded by lead singer and rising star Sam Stopforth – complement their local circuit success with new single “Family Man”. The track is a deft display of morose, yearning lyricism married to feverishly infectious, psychedelic instrumentals, grounded in an alt. rock sphere by the consistently danceable percussive beat that opens the song in style. Stopforth’s lyrics evoke visions of a damaged home life, a melancholic persona sparked to a gradually erupting fury as the song progresses towards its dramatic conclusion. Reminiscent of the works of alternative rock acts Smashing Pumpkins, Kings of Leon and grunge legends Nirvana, “Family Man” screams gig highlight throughout its constantly growing intensity – do it justice, crank the volume right up, and dance.



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