Black Sabbath’s THE END TOUR 2016

Something wicked this way comes to Perth on a looming Friday night. Black Sabbath are set to play Perth Arena as part of The End Tour. This run of shows across the globe will be the absolute last time you will ever see Black Sabbath perform live before they are transported back to the the fiery underworld where they belong.

Black Sabbath have proved time and time again in recent years they still have the skills and stamina to offer an awe-inspiring, unholy spectacle at their concerts. Their 2013 release 13 was a triumph. Shattering the expectations of a forgettable reunion album with a matured though familiarly diabolical gem that injected the highest production standards into their already massive sound, giving us the anthemic roar on songs like “God Is Dead?” that re-established the band as a world-class act still after a five-decade career.

Black Sabbath are still demolishing stadiums around the World and the band is older than your dad. And its their Farewell Tour man! This is the last tour Black Sabbath will ever play and they’re coming to Perth! The undisputed kings of darkness. Lords of the heavy riff and dark sorcerers of sludgey bass lines of doom. Synonymous with heavy metal. Enter the void of Rock history and catch the final sparks from one of it’s oldest flames.

Black Sabbath will play Perth Arena on April 15 with supports from Five Finger Death Punch and Rival Sons.

Tickets available now.