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 5th December, 8pm | Kynan Tan [NSW] | Four5Nine, Perth | $10

Kynan Tan is an artist who explores areas of networks, relationality and digital systems of control through multi-sensory artworks. These artworks take the form of audio-visual performances & installations, sound, 3D-printed sculptures and kineticism. Get the chance to experience Tan’s unique and immersive shows as he juxtaposes the minimal with the maximal, and engages with sounds of noise, hip hop, conceptual music in new ways. Support will come from local music-explorers Tourist Kid and Miko. Let your senses be overwhelmed in the very best of ways!


7th December, 8pm | Chiara La Woo “If You Find The Time” Perth Tour | Babushka, Leederville | $10

Adelaide indie-rock & reggae band Chiara La Woo heads West across the Nullaboor for their first WA tour, celebrating their third and latest single “If You Find The Time”! Self-described as a healthy dose of “whack reggae, psych-rock & funky snail trails into the Nutri-Bullet to deliver all essential nutrients”, the Woo boys are known for their hearty stage presence. Joining the celebration are Regular Boys, Figurehead and The Piscos, so what are you waiting for? All aboard the genre-mashing party train!


8th December, 6:30pm | Parallels // Amok Island and Jarrad Seng | PS Art Space, Fremantle | Free

“Parallels” brings photographer Jarrad Seng, famously known for his striking resemblance to Steve Aoki and his admired travel photography, and Amsterdam-born, WA-based multi-disciplinary artist Amok Island, together in collaboration. An exhibition of both photography and paintings, “Parallels” will explore a new perspective of our beloved Rottnest Island. Seng with his high-textured medium format photographs juxtaposed with Amok Island’s minimal & abstract works will offer contrasting yet harmonious interpretations of the island. Opening night will host the presence of both artists; however if you miss it, the exhibition runs until the 22nd December.


9th December, 8pm | 25 Years of Underground Solution | Perth Concert Hall Tunnel | $20

RTRFM’s Underground Solution turns a quarter-century old — a pioneer of electronic music since 1991, the program has been unearthing original sounds and uprooting the ever-growing scene into new spaces on a local level and beyond. To celebrate the ongoing devotion to the frontiers of electronic music, the night will feature U.S.S.S / Underground Solution Sound System, and live sets from Tourist Kid, Mike Midnight Communications and Phil Stroud. Join RTRFM and Underground Solution in celebrating 25 years of elemental, exploratory and synaesthetic sounds produced by the finest in the genre.


10th December, 8pm | GALA PARTY | The Bird, Northbridge | $5

Gala Apparel presents: Gala Party Vol. 7, from the gals who do it best. Spend your mid-weekend with a bang as you dance your next-week-worries away with disco, soul & funk tunes from Warsame Hassan, Nicole Filev, Jack Dutrac, Thom Omfom B2B J. Mango. Bring your pals, your sisters, your grandparents, and your distant cousins! It’ll be a sure-fire hit, no doubt.



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