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23rd-27th May, 11am-2pm | Stress Less Week! | Curtin Student Guild, Bentley | FREE

You always hear the saying, “It’s all about balance”, which is 100% true. You need a Big Mac to balance out your five push-ups and a month of sleep-ins to balance out one 6am get-up. So to help balance out the shit load of university assignments pouring in, Curtin Student Guild is putting on a stress less week to help you procrastinate in a helpful and productive way (bet you never thought you’d see procrastination and productive in the same sentence…). They’ve got hennas, free pancakes, terrarium workshops, gMusic and DIY sassy stress-less frames to give you a well-deserved break. Just make sure you hit the books once you’re done.

AT COver

24th May, 7pm | Analogue Tinder | The Bird, Northbridge | $40

Once upon a time, before MSN, Facebook, iMessage, Snapchat, Instagram and Tinder, people had to meet one another face-to-face. I know, it’s difficult to comprehend. Communication where, instead of overanalysing emojis, you have to interpret body language and facial expressions to have a full understanding as to what is beening said. Wow, I bet you younger kids have no idea how the older generation multitasked all these communication signals. Well, it’s time for you younger folk to dig up these old ancient skills and repurpose them because The Bird’s ‘Analogue Tinder’ is the perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to find a potential heartthrob, a couple of new mates or to network a few new connections.


25th May, 7pm-10pm | FLUID by Spoken Word Perth | Paper Mountain, Northbridge | $5

Fluid, it’s an adjective that means something’s able to flow easily. It can be smoothly elegant and graceful. It’s unsettled, and will likely chance. These is the theme for Spoken Word Perth’s upcoming mic night that’ll explore humanity’s fluidity, or sometimes our absence of it. There are openings still available for those who want to voice their interpretation and experience with their own fluidity, or alternatively you can sit back, be mind blown by the power of word (whether it’s spoken or written), and appreciate a few new notions towards life.


26th May, 6.30pm | RAW Perth presents TREND | The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth | $20

Currently running in 60 cities worldwide, RAW is an independent arts organisation aiming to provide independent artists with the resources needed to inspire and create. Every month they personally select over 30 talented and underrated and local artists to showcase their skills and work, whether it be in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, performing art, accessories, hair and make up.


27th May, 8pm | Blue Lite Disco | The Bird, Northbridge | $5

Discos during the primary school era were the highlights of childhood. It was the time to rock your latest “Total Girl” outfit, where first kisses were had and friends would fight to only be reunited by the time it was time to dance to ‘The Ketchup Song’. It’s time to recreate these nostalgic memories (without all the bullshit drama) at The Bird’s very own “Blue Lite Disco”.

90s cover

27th-28th May, 7pm | Back to the 90s! | Rolloways, O’Connor | $10

Ahh, good old Rolloways; the place where every South of the River kid had their 10th birthday party because bowling was ‘so last year’. Somewhere along the lines of growing up it disappeared from our social calendars, but it’s back on for the Fremantle Festival. Make sure to hunt down your old ripped jeans and flannie or channel your inner 90s icon because the weekends going to be a trip down memory lane.


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