It’s one of those weeks in Perth: everything is happening all at once! So get your diary out and start penciling in these events!


Open Studio

5th April, 6pm | Open Studio Night | Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Northbridge | FREE

For those of you who exhibit creative wizardry skills, you’d be wise to check out Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts‘s (PICA for short) most popular artist talk, Open Studio Night. Join PICA’s Sheyi Bankale, Zora Kreutzer and Shaun Prior as they discuss the ideas and development behind their currents projects and chat about their residency experience. These current artists in residency come from photography, illustration and poetry backgrounds, so there will be something interesting and new to learn no matter what creative background you’re from.

Free Movie

8th April, 6pm | FREE Movie Night – The Martian | Curtin Tav, Bentley | FREE

If there’s one word that stingy students love, it’s the word “free”. The smart people at the Curtin Tav have picked up on that, so every once in a while they’ll help us poor uni students out and provide with some resemblance of a social life by setting up a free movie sesh. This time round it’s the dearly beloved The Martian, so you can guarantee Curtin’s beanbags will be filled up in no time (so bring your own as a back up). If you’re keen, there are two screenings: all -ages at the Guild undercover courtyard and 18+ at the Tav. The Tav’s also putting on 5pm-6pm happy hour and a wicked candy bar, cause you can’t have a movie sesh without alcohol and sugar.


8th April, 7pm-10pm | Yogarave III | Fremantle Yoga Centre, Fremantle | $30-$40

If you’ve never been to yoga before, Yogarave III would be the ideal way to get started! Seeing as it’s more of a colourful, meditative dance, you’ll skip out on all the tricky vinyasa poses and corny inspiring advice. Rock up at 7pm and be prepared to transform you, your friends and other strangers into a colourful canvas. Once the lights are out and the UV is on, get ready for some chanting and meditating, before heading into a night of dancing to worldly beats. Definitely a way more entertaining way to exercise than a simple 30 minute jog on the treadmill!


9th April, 12.30pm-10.00pm | Ship-Wrecked! Music Festival 2016 | Victoria Park Foreshore, Perth | $105-$180

Perth’s been putting on some good lil gigs lately, and Ship-Wrecked is no exception! Being the “People’s Festival”, Ship-Wrecked took the initiative to ask their festival go-ers who they’d like to see at this years event, and after 2,600+ requests, we’ve got our killer line-up, including good old Nollsy! And while the music at Ship-Wrecked is on point, there are heaps of other things to do their too, like the markets, arts and crafts, chill out zones and heaps of rides. So don’t miss out on this years best hybrid beach party/festival — buy your tickets now!


9th April, 1pm | Triple J’s One Night Stand | Wonthella Oval, Geraldton | FREE

We’ve said it before, and we’re going to say it again: when one thing’s happening Perth, EVERYTHING is happening in Perth. It’s all or nothing for us. Hence why we’ve got two (incredible) festivals happening this weekend. It’s hard to figure out whether Ship-Wrecked or Triple J’s One Night Stand takes the cake. On one hand, One Night Stand is FREE (and remember, “free” is every student’s favourite word) but it’s up in Geraldton, whereas Ship-Wrecked is way more central, but you’ve got to give up some mullah… Tricky tricky decision guys! 

Murder Mystery

10th April, 5pm | 1920s Murder Mystery | Wolf Lane, Perth | $45-$80

1920s… easily the best twentieth century decade to dress up for! So when it’s combo’d with a murder mystery, we’re there. It’s like The Great Gatsby meets Cluedo, expect heaps more fun, way more social and less friendships will end as a result. To get you prepped, here’s world you’re about to enter: “The Juice Joint, a high-end speakeasy run by local legend Rosie Marie, has been doing a roaring trade, and to celebrate, Rosie is planning the party of the decade… With a rag-tag collection of mobsters and molls, divas and socialites all coming together to celebrate, you can be sure that this will not be a night without drama. One guest is on another guests’ hitlist – and no one is above suspicion!”

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