With the Easter weekend coming up (and tuition free week following it for some lucky students), we’re getting prepped for a week filled with social fun, well deserved relaxation and lots and lots of chocolate!


21st March, 6-9pm | UnchARTed Collective’s First Birthday | Uncharted Collective, Mount Lawley

Can you remember what you were doing this time last year? If you’re like me, you were probably procrastinating while dreaming about your upcoming Easter chocolate. But for the UnchARTed Collective, this time last year they were embarking on a journey. Now that they’ve completed their first year of existence with flying colours, they’re celebrating their milestone at the Inglewood Monday Night Markets. With Gage Roads Brewing Co. supporting and providing their awesome, delicious, locally brewed beer — we sure are in for a treat this Monday night. Plus, a ton of purchases will receive 15% off as well! So make sure you head up to Mount Lawley to support and celebrate the UnchARTed Collective and the wonderful artists who’ve done an incredible job to establish themselves in the Perth art scene this past year.

No Lights No Lycra 1

22nd March, 8pm | No Lights No Lycra Fremantle | Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club, Fremantle | $7

Lets be real here: unless tequila is consumed, dancing in public is the biggest form of humiliation for us uncoordinated folks. Thankfully (for me), the dance community, No Lights No Lycra, have come up with the ingenious idea of holding dance “classes” completely in the dark. And I put classes in quotations because there’s no teacher, no steps and no technique involved; just you, the music and your body doing whatever dance moves it bloody hell wants. It’s an environment where you can lose yourself and truely let yourself go and not give a shit. With this kind of atmospheric power so close to home, who needs tequila any more?


23rd March, 3pm | Tav Wednesdays & Student Night Takeover | The Tavern UWA, Crawley | FREE

The beauty about Perth is that “Hump Day” is a widely acknowledged problem and everyone pitches in to make it more bearable. This week, our “Hump Day” highlight is EMAS UWA‘s “Tav Wednesdays and Student Night Takeover”. Beginning at the perfect time of 3pm and finishing at 6pm (just in time to get ready for Cheek), you’ll have the perfect excuse to wag your Wednesday arvo tutes. With special EMAS jugs, chilled beats to ease into and epic banter from the 2016 EMAS committee, there’s heaps of ways to turn your Hump Day into Legendary Wednesday.

Easter Bash

24th March, 6pm | Easter Bash | Curtin Tav, Bentley | $15-$20

Channel your inner Elle Woods and get out that bunny costume people because Curtin Tav‘s Easter Bash is on the horizon! With no classes being held on Friday (or Monday either — that’s why you register your first sem classes on these days folks!) there’s no excuse not to start your weekend early and get shit faced this Thursday night. With Axen, Daniel Bendotti and Jordan Scott on the Tav Stage and Rojdar, Jason Duffin, Mike De Wet and Nick Coles on the Guild Stage, there’ll be plenty of addictive tunes to keep you partying all night long. Plus George’s Kebabs will be open so you can conclude your night the traditional way. Keep in mind, if you enter the Tav BEFORE 6pm entry is FREE, but after that it’s $15 for guild members and $20 for non-guild patrons. Oh, and there’s a free bus to Perth train and bus depot after you down that scrumptious kebab.

Roller Easter

24th March, 7pm | Roller Easter 2016 | The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth | FREE

For Perth drum and bass fanatics, you’re favourite night of the year is back with Roller Easter Thursday. If you thought it couldn’t get any better than 2015’s epic line up, think again. First up we’ve got Perth gal, Samantics, with her “super sharp drum and bass” sound. Following up is Flowidus; two individual drum and bass artists who’ve collaborated their individual styles to create “melodic dance floor” tunes that’ll take listeners, dancers and everyone in between on a musical journey. Make sure to grab your crew for the best drum and bass gig in Perth. Better yet, it’s free!

Perth Slam

26th March, 5pm | Perth Slam | Four5Nine Bar, North Perth | $10

Perth Slam; it’s the capital city for underground Perth poetry and avant-garde vocal talent. For years Perth’s been breeding an abundance of local slam poets, who’ve spread their revolutionary message and showcased their supreme skills through the power of spoken word. Perth’s slam poetry scene wouldn’t be possible though without the nurture and support from Perth Slam, who regularly host competitions where the winner takes the door and has the chance to progress to national competitions. Forget the traditional, mambo-jumbo rubbish from classic poets, where no one can understand the underlying message. With slam poetry, not only can you actually understand meaning being communicated, you can sympathise with with it and actually enjoy the creative and moving performance. If you haven’t checked it out before, I’d highly recommend you give it a chance this weekend!


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