With Sufjan Stevens, Peking Duk, Kate Miller-Heidke, The Cat Empire, Art Vs Science and Passenger all heading to the west coast this week, we sure aren’t short of gigs to go to. But what about events outside of the musical spectrum? Here are a few ideas to get you started, before the reality of uni kicks in.


1st March, 9am | Emma Hamilton: At the Equinox | Success, Fremantle | FREE

Venture down to Freo to check out Melbourne based artist, Emma Hamilton, and her first WA solo show, “At the Equinox”. Exhibiting at Success, a new multi-gallery venue for contemporary art in the basement of the old Fremantle Myers, her show considers the interrelation of time, perception and landscape. Inspired by a trip to remote northern Norwegian island, her experimental sculptural and photographic series attempts to explore the perpetually changing border of the Arctic Circle and form a definite boundary across the incredible landscape. With a Masters of Fine Art and exhibitions in Sydney, Launceston and Nantes, Hamilton is one artist who’s work you’ll want to see.


2nd March, 7pm | TED 16 Dream Opening | Luna Palace Cinemas, Leederville | $20

Advances in technology has given society a whole heap of opportunities we’ve never had before, including the ability to watch and virtually experience TED’s annual conference that was held in Vancouver on the 15th of February. The special screening will feature motivating and eye-opening speeches from global thinkers, artists, storytellers, adventurers, leaders and visionaries. Following TED’s traditional format, you can expect 18 minutes of pure inspiration from each speaker as they share their life changing ideas and spread ambitions we’re all capable of dreaming about and moving towards.


4th March, 7.30pm | Crap Music SKATE Party at Elizabeth Quay | The Urban Roller Club, Perth | $25

Contrary to popular belief, Fringe World isn’t entirely over yet (Phew – because I was wondering, what the fuck is Perth going to do over the next 11 months?). While the Fringe Orchard, Noodle Palace and Pleasure Garden have been packed away for another year, Elizabeth Quay‘s Fairground is still up and running until March 6th. If you haven’t checked out their Urban Roller Club, now’s your final chance, and what better way check it out than with electric cabaret showman, Tomás Ford. Labelling himself the worst DJ in the world, Ford has hosted regular CRAP MUSIC RAVE PARTIES, but this one’s with a twist: it features old fashioned skates and embarrassing stacks. So brainstorm a list of the world’s worst songs (Frrrriiday, Frrrriiday, gotta get down on Frrrriiday) and prepare yourself for a night of totally atrocious music.

WA Pork Cider

5th-6th March, 12-9pm | WA Cider & Pork Festival 2016 | Oakover Grounds, Middle Swan |$30-$100

You can’t go wrong with a cider and pork combo, am I right? So to have a whole freakin’ festival dedicated to this scrumptious union — complete with 15 top-notch cider producers and innovative chefs serving a mixture of creative and classic pork dishes — is beyond amazing. With live performances, roaming buskers and the typical Swan Valley drunken antics, you’ll never be short on entertainment. Plus there are a ton of masterclasses so you can learn the tricks of the trade. With this beauty turning into an annual tradition, the only thing missing from my life now is a local “Pizza and Garlic Bread Festival”.

Cathedral Sq

6th March, 10am-4pm | Cathedral Square Markets | Cathedral Square, Perth | FREE

Settlement Markets have begun a wonderful collaboration with the Cathedral Square Precinct and Cool Perth Nights to create what’s sure to be our next favourite monthly market. Open for business on the first Sunday of each month, the Cathedral Square Markets feature an array of stunning, must-have goodies that include art, home ware, jewellery and everything in between! You can grab a bite at one of the delicious food vendors, or you can treat yourself to one of Perth’s CBD restaurants. With this only being their second lot of markets, we’re excited to see how far this market will grow throughout the year.


6th March, 1pm-Late | Get Down | The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth | FREE

Looking for a new place to celebrate your Sunday Sesh? While place like The Left Bank, OBH and The Cott have always been popular choices (cause they’re right by our beautiful beaches and Swan River) maybe it’s time to mix things up and try a Sunday Sesh, city-style. With a handful of DJs setting up good vibes and tunes until late into the night, and The Rosemount’s epic $12 hot dog + beer/cider combo, there’s really no question as to where you should be this Sunday.



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