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I live my life amongst the pages of books, with my head in the clouds, and a cup of tea by my side. Recent graduate of Curtin’s Professional Writing and Publishing course. Instagram: @mikaelazarifis

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The Gothics: Frankenstein Review

The story of Frankenstein and his monster is an infamous piece of gothic literature, so it seems only fitting that it would be the story to close this three show series. Sometimes misunderstood, with some confusing Frankenstein as the creature and not the Doctor who resurrected him,...

The Gothics: The Mummy Rises Review

Helmed by The Hip Productions, this week’s The Gothics took us on an expedition to 1890 Egypt in The Mummy Rises, a chilling comedy adventure that will leave you wanting more. The Gothics is a three-show production consisting of Dracula, The Mummy Rises and Frankenstein, with a different theatre company producing...

The Gothics: Dracula Review

The name Dracula is infamous, even those who have never read the book or seen a film containing the iconic character know who he is. The vampire king has been a legendary literary figure for 119 years. And as part of a three show series called The...