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Having recently swiped left on the materialistic Judas that is traditional conformity, Aaron now spends his days and nights in observance of the ever evolving and intertwining habits of society, culture and the general state of “us,” all the while referring to himself in third person for no clear reason.

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The Week in World News | 30.01

United States of America Most would acknowledge it is highly unadvisable to flag down emergency personnel with a vehicle containing large amounts of cocaine. It would appear one such man, who is yet to be identified, did not receive the memo. The incident occurred in Chattahoochee Hills,...

Dial M for Menulog

I’m not lazy, I just have a bad ankle. That being said, leaving the house is still an over rated endeavour. My beds two steps away, I can pay my bills from way over in the corner bean bag with a broom handle and wireless mouse, my...

The Pig Gate Scandal Cometh

“I did not have sexual relations with that pigs head” In similarities and circumstances eerily similar to the Clinton/Lewinsky debacle of ‘98, another world leader has found himself on the back foot over allegations of placing his member into the gaping mouth of a pigs head. You’re...