Achieving Transcendence with TIMEWHEEL’s Matt Humble | Interview

Influenced by the cultural programming towards the colour of our skin, the symmetry of our biology, and the history of our race, we forget that such a predisposed reality is an established illusion. When we realise this, we can strive to achieve transcendence into the passionate heart of the Anima Mundi; the World’s Soul on fire.

Having called overseas from San Antonio, Texas, Matt Humble discusses with Avenoir his record label/artist collective TIMEWHEEL and the importance of achieving the higher state of mind through psychedelics and spiritual discipline

Was TIMEWHEEL first created to cater to the art and tunes of the psychedelia?

During its founding TIMEWHEEL was our artistic collective of musicians and visual artists and also serves as the name of our studio where we work. We evolved into a record label about two years after initially releasing our art, music, and curations to the public. We are all very influenced by the higher mind and the various methods of attaining mystical and philosophical spaces, and that is reflected in our work as a label and our curations for our blog. I believe psychedelics are an ancient and sacred tool to access states reserved for the initiated shamans, seers, and mystics of both our time and the times passed. Despite their controversial nature, they have proven time and time again to be of substantial importance for healing in various mediums and aiding certain people in becoming more open about the spiritual concepts of our universe.

What is your project Something Fiction about?

Something Fiction is an experimental project that was created by myself, Raul Rodriguez III of Trionre and Nick Greder of MÖBIUS. In it our various influences, outlooks, and ideals are explored and captured in scenes of music and soundscape. We are very much trying to capture the experiences that we have had that are hard to explain in any other format than music, several of which we were together during. The resulting songs are the collaborative effort of each of our respective angles of approaching music, and so it can sound different song to song. We try to stick to a particular theme on each project we release and use that project to help us reach the next stage of our development as artists.

Who are you working with closely at the moment in the TIMEWHEEL Studio? Are there any particular experiences you’ve had with musicians/artists that continue to progress one’s interest in the psychedelic sphere?

Lately, the artists stopping by the studio consist mostly of the members of our label, while others are located across the country. Arkeologist, Femina-X, Verisimilitude, The INF, Young Air and MASLO are among the most frequent artists to work at our studio spot. We are all very open about our influences in music and tend to approach music in a spiritual way. Some of our songs are without a doubt influenced by the psychedelic experience, whereas others are more about integrating and making use of the insights that such experiences provide in daily life.

The visual collaborations that you include (Mitch Schultz of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Aubrey Marcus of Huachuma to works by Dennis McKenna) were they to be your influence due to sharing similar values and beliefs?

Absolutely. It is an honor to work with the figureheads of today’s psychedelic community. I believe that their work is some of the most important on the planet today. We could always use more passionate researchers in this field. It has only just begun to receive some funding and attention thanks to organizations like MAPS and The Heffter Research Institute. I believe we are on the cusp of another psychedelic resurgence, but this time it will be more professional than that which happened in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

You’ve created BODAISHIN, a channel by TIMEWHEEL to connect with people through a social network exploring ‘internal alchemy and self-cultivation methods of the Eastern philosophies and sciences’. How much of an impact do you believe you have made to those in the audience/group and do you see it as a way to further promote TIMEWHEEL’s presence and ideals?

BODAISHIN is a new sub-brand that we created to more exclusively explore the ideas of eastern philosophy and mysticism. I am a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and have long been fascinated with the yogic science and its various offshoots like Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, Alchemy, Vedic Astrology, and the like. I feel like in its current stage BODAISHIN acts as a hub of spiritual inspiration, art and information to help aid people on their path to realization or awakening. We have big plans for BODAISHIN but can’t reveal much more at the moment.

What brought you to the interest of Eastern philosophies and the alchemy of the Self? And what specific teachings do you resonate to the most?

I suffered, as it seems most do, with depression in my late teens. I felt very disenchanted with life and was starting to lose sight of the importance of being an incarnate being. I started taking more risks in my efforts to alleviate my negative feelings, which led me (rather late in life compared to some) to plant medicines. Since I had abstained from intoxication for a very long time before I was open to it, the effects I experienced were shatteringly powerful. I began to open my mind to a world beyond the material plane which led me on a kind of spiritual quest to explore traditions that are well aware of these understandings. Eventually, I was brought to Kundalini Yoga as an established method of achieving mystical states without the aid of plant medicines. As these practices unfold you start to see them all as different “brands” if you will of the same thing, and so I began researching the other various traditions that’s aim are the same – spiritual liberation.

Terence McKenna states in his lecture that we don’t have to be a victim to culture, all we have to do is clear some space on our disc. What is your view on that? Do you believe we have the ability to perturb the brain chemistry of the modern-day mind, even though having been prolonged in the calcification of the corrupt media/government? 

The truth is that we are animals of habit. We get comfortable, we get distracted, and we forget what interests us most. Caught in the rat race, people look for happiness outside of themselves through means of objects, status, and relationships. As soon as you get what you are out to achieve we simply shift our focus and desire something else. I believe psychedelics allow us to glimpse the infinite nature of reality, even if only for an afternoon, and to become truly intrigued with the opportunity of being alive. Clearing space on the disk is an excellent metaphor for our time. We are so overloaded with what we don’t have that we forget what we do have and that results in an imbalance in our brain, leading likely to depression. Before you know it, your life is almost over and you never even started to live your own personal dream. Gaining a glimpse of infinite possibility, even if only once, can help one take control of their life and direct to what makes them most happy.

Have you been under the influence of hallucinogens? And if so what was the recent experience you have had? Do you believe psychedelic properties/hallucinogens is a gateway to reaching enlightenment? And should it be given openly to the masses?

I have been, yes. I believe that what psychedelics offer is a glimpse or an “episode” of enlightenment, if done in the proper set and setting. I don’t think they will ever keep you enlightened. That is what spiritual discipline is for. But it is hard to start a path if you don’t know it exists, and that is what I think psychedelics are helpful in providing. I don’t think the masses are ready for psychedelics just yet. I believe they are only for a certain type of person with a particular predisposition to be of maximum benefit. Many people have no context for what is to come from these experiences and may be easily overwhelmed. It takes a particularly weathered (or lucky) person to be able to navigate and work with the medicine and not be frightened by it.
What would you like people to remember you for?
My aim is to create and help to create genuine art for people to use for their own personal growth. 
My art is my awakening, and I hope that it can aid in yours as well.





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