Lucia di Lammermoor: A Night at the Opera

Lucia di Lammermoor, a tale with as much drama and death as Romeo and Juliet, is the latest masterpiece presented by West Australian Opera showing at His Majesty’s Theatre. Lucia (Emma Pearson) promises herself to Edgardo (Aldo di Toro) but her brother Enrico (Samuel Dundas) sends him away and manipulates Lucia into marrying Arturo (David Woodward). Upon Edgardo’s return, Lucia is driven mad with remorse, killing her husband before dying. Edgardo reunites with her in death. 

Lucia di Lammermoor opens on the misty ruins of a medieval Scottish castle. The staging so vivid that I felt transported. With each scene change, the same staircase and pillars were transformed into new places; Enrico’s chambers, an eery cemetery, a grand ballroom. The changes were subtle but visually effective, allowing the gothic setting to shine. Alongside the set design, the costuming was also impressive. The tartan, the intricate dresses, and the dashing suits set the scene in both era and place. Not only were the main cast immaculately dressed but the dancers and chorus as well. 

“Opening Night” Image shared by WAOpera on Instagram

Emma Pearson shined as Lucia, impressing the audience with vocal flourish and dynamic. Her portrayal of Lucia after emerging from her bedchambers covered in blood was extraordinary. Her madness was utterly believable and, alongside her lamenting song, the scene was chilling. The way she utilised her bloody veil, at one point clutching it as a baby and gazing at it in wonder, added to her delusion. The reactions of the cast around her were priceless, their horror and disgust reflected the audience’s reaction. Aldo di Toro’s stage presence was dominating, his vocals strong and commanding attention. When dueting with Emma Pearson, their harmonies were intricately balanced and resonated off one another. 

Lucia di Lammermoor features a beautiful score that moves between the delicate musings of a harp to intense crescendos. With a talented cast, beautiful set, and stunning costuming, Lucia di Lammermoor is a must-see show! For more information and to book tickets, visit the WA Opera website.







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