A Walk in the Park: Jurassic Creatures

Imagine walking into a room only to be greeted by a life-size T-rex standing in the way. This was the grand entrance to Jurassic Creatures. Scary, yet exciting, the tent was filled with every kind of dinosaur a kid could hope for. There was so much to take in, and so many little kids running around, I had trouble keeping my eyes on everything!

The main entertainment were the dinosaurs themselves. Tyrannosaurus Rex, velociraptor, stegosaurus, and so much more! There were information sheets on each one explaining their habitat, when they lived, and included fun facts. Some of the dinosaurs were robotic and moved, and even a display with snow! The arctic area was a very interactive exhibition with snow machines filling the air and plenty of photo opportunities. This was a fun favourite experience. From wooly mammoths to polar bears, there were some recognisable animals and some new ones I had never heard of. 

At 7:45pm The Flintstones Live Show started. Eager to check this out, the seating area filled quickly and we sat waiting. When the costumed dancers stepped on stage they were met with an unenthusiastic audience. It was very confusing from the start. Firstly, what child under the age of 12 knows who the Flintstones are? Most children in the audience just looked around in confusion while others tried their best to enjoy the show.  


Second, unless your kid is energetic and confident, they would not enjoy the show. The host asked all the kids to get up the front and copy the dancers. This would be a nightmare for some shy children! However, the show was mostly entertaining and contained some comedy for the adults in the audience. The songs could have been a little more relevant for the kids but seemed to fit the Jurassic theme nicely. 


Besides the dinosaurs themselves, there were plenty of activities for everyone to get involved in. Sand art, jigsaw puzzles, blow up obstacle course, and rides. These activities were always full and several had lines of people waiting to get on or to have a go! It’s worth doing these things to pass time if the kids get bored of running around.

Sand art interactive activity for the creative

Jurassic Creatures is a definite hit with children in primary school, or for younger children who LOVE dinosaurs. There wasn’t a space that wasn’t filled with kids gawking at the displays, calling to other kids or to their parents. Just looking at these little people, you could see their minds ticking over, and their bodies just exploding with enjoyment.

Overall, a mediocre experience. Had the dinosaurs been more interactive, so you could touch them or play with a select few under watchful eyes, Jurassic Creatures would have grabbed my attention further. The snow was fun and a clever touch, but that was the most interaction with any of the exhibits. Is it worth going? If your children LOVE dinosaurs or want to see something new it is worth the experience. If not, maybe pass this one. For more information and to book tickets visit the Jurassic Creatures website.



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